I’ve started to hide secret messages In In my posts! Just so ya know!


did you spot me? If you did, comment “waffle friends”!



Today is the first day of…JUUUUUNE! Yay! Today we’ll be doing our traditional “Important days in (month)” post! If you missed last month’s, here’s the link! So let’s get started!

June is known as Rose Month, and also my personal favorite, National Adopt A Cat Month! ( You heard them, mom. We need another cat! )


The 4th is HUG YOUR CAT DAY!!! ( I’ll certainly be doing this! 🙂 )

The 7th is NATIONAL CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM DAY! ( To an Ice Cream store! )

The 8th is BEST FRIENDS DAY! ( I will try to celebrate this on my blog…maybe-if-I-have-time…)

The 10th is ICED TEA DAY! ( Luckily I know how to make Iced Tea…)

The 11th is NATIONAL CORN-ON-THE-COB DAY! ( Mmmm…Corn-On-The-Cob…)

The 15th is SMILE POWER DAY!!! ( I will make sure to smile! )

The 20th is ICE-CREAM SODA DAY! ( Yummy! )

The 22nd is NATIONAL CHOCOLATE ECLAIR DAY! ( I need to eat one! )

The 29th is HUG HOLIDAY! ( I would give you all hugs, but it appears I can only give virtual ones…)

Just thought I throw this out there…the 29th is ALSO Waffle iron Day and Camera Day!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having an awesome June so far!

❤ Miri ❤





Okay. IS HE NOT ADORABLE? His name is Octavius. Octavius Broderick Demetrius Maximilian Pickles. He is not, mine, sadly. But I do plan to get a hamster soon. SOON! This is actually my friend’s new hamster. I love his orange fur. 🙂 My friend-let’s call her “OwnerOfMostAdorableHamsterOnPlanet”-or OOMAHOP-is seeing me today. And you know this post? Well, turns out, Emmett meowed about 15 times and then fell asleep! Yay!


O. Pickles and I.


On Cats And The Car…

Hey girls! I’m baaaa-aaaack! Well, uh, yes. Back, I am. Yoda, I am not. Love to speak like this, I do. Well, I’m weird! Emmett is helping me type right now. 🙂 Today we’re bringing him somewhere in the car, to see how is likes he van. We haven’t tried him in the dreaded car yet, this will be an experiment, especially because the other two kitties both..upchuck in the car. Bleh. So…yeah!

Seeya later,

Miri and Emmet ( also know as Schmemmett! )




Phoebe And Her Unicorn!~AN AWESOME BOOK!

Well. It’s awesome. That’s all I can say. It includes a unicorn-I mean, that says it’s awesome. Really. SO!

So far there are 3 Phoebe And Her Unicorn ( Or PAHU ) books. Phoebe And Her Unicorn,  Unicorn On A Roll, and Unicorn VS. Goblin! Dana Simpson is the author, and she is an amazing! Phoebe is a normal girl who is exactly like every other kid, that’s what I love so much about the series! Marigold Heavenly Nostrils ( MHN ) is a funny, quirky, unicorn friend for Phoebe, and they met when Phoebe skipped a stone into MHN’s face by accident. She doesn’t understand all human things, which make her all the funnier!

I  ❤ Phoebe And Her Unicorn!


Miri XD

Frank The Cat!

Okay, so I was planning for Frank to do a blog post today but he’s asleep, LOL. Darn it Frank, you fall asleep at all the wrong times. But! I have a true cat story for you guys. XD

I was still half-asleep, and then we came downstairs.  Hmmm. What was this on the floor? Well. This was odd! Was it…seeds? No. Was it…catnip? I sniffed it. Yes, that was catnip. But here would we have catnip in our house? UG! *Gives Emmett what-did-you-do-look* When mom called, I asked her. Turned out she had left some catnip in her desk! Bad Emmett.

Miri XD